TTYL (Camp Confidential)

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Hey Jenna: How are things at your dad’s? I hope he’s calmed down a bit and that you guys are all having a better time than I am! I was excited to get back to New York City, but things are so different now than they were before I left. I’m still into Kyle, but I miss Simon! And Hannah is acting way weird. Middle school is so strange…ttyl, Nat”
Summer is over and the girls from Camp Lakeview’s bunk 3C are excited to start a new school year. But when they get home, things don’t go exactly as they had planned. Natalie is having trouble with boys and her best friend, and Jenna feels trapped by her family. Alex has competition as a sports star at her new school, and Grace wants to find a way to do what she loves and do well in school. At least they can e-mail one another for encouragement. But when they find out that one bunkmate is going through some really hard times. they are eager to do anything they can. There’s jut one problem-how can they help from so far away?