The App Millionaire: How to Make “Sleep Money” with a Micro-Business

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If you think this is another book that will teach you how to write code for mobile apps, you’re wrong and you should not purchase it. This book is about 3 things: Business, Ideas and Life. It is full of stories on how entrepreneurs created successful business by thinking outside the box. We all know the marketplace is chock full of books on business and entrepreneurship. To the credit of many visionary business authors, some of these books are actually good reads. “The App Millionaire,” however, is a book that only comes around once in a decade, if that. The genius of “The App Millionaire” is that it forces you to take a close and personal look at your business goals while challenging your approach on business development. The “App Millionaire” turns traditional business thinking on its head. Instead of the axiom of “think big,” the author, Greg Shealey suggests you “think small.” He advocates for very small business development, as in micro-business small. This philosophy of micro-business entrepreneurship has afforded many people the opportunity to own profitable businesses with advantages of traditional business models such as very little overhead, a quick start-up time, and lower risk, just to name a few. So take a quick read for yourself, do the math, weigh your options, and draw your own conclusion.