Blog to Book & Beyond: A New Path to Publishing Success

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Want to build an audience for your book while it is in development? Promote and market your work more effectively? Even earn money while you write? Get beyond the slush pile and attract the attention of publishers and agents? You can, by using the new medium of blogging and following the techniques discussed in Blog to Book & Beyond.

In a lively and informative manner, Tom Masters shows you how other authors have found success using this approach. He takes you step-by-step through the process of turning your blog into a book that will attract the attention of agents and publishers.

In Blog to Book & Beyond, you will discover:
– How authors are using blogs
– Ways to structure your blog like a book
– Tips to help your blog reach more readers
– How to track and measure your readership
– How to turn your blog into a powerful book marketing tool
– Effective ways to attract publishers with your blogging success

Blogging is a powerful new way to communicate your ideas to a large audience. But it takes careful planning and management to translate your blog into a best selling book. Blog to Book & Beyond helps you understand and apply proven techniques to get your book published.