A No-Nonsense Guide to a Professional Blog

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As the title of this book implies, the author delivers a concise description on setting up a professional blog – using WordPress – without wasting time convincing the user of the reasoning for creating a blog. The approach is “quick and dirty.” This book will provide a crash-course in setting up a web site that goes beyond a basic blog. In this sense, the author added many exciting features such as slide shows, cool navigation tools, social network connections, integrating videos and cartoons, and even an e-commerce system. He also puts an emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO), creating web traffic, and protecting the blog from being spammed. In addition, the author shares his experience with creating income through blogs without promising a “new path to riches.” Throughout the book the author refers to one particular web site, myprofessionalblog.com, the web site (blog) he designed to write this book, and to provide evidence that what he describes really works. The author encourages everybody to read his comments on myprofessionalblog.com to assure they are comfortable with the decision to buy the book – or not. Every feature as seen on myprofessionalblog.com is available to the user with little effort. In addition, the author will post further information that becomes available after writing this book on the same blog. The access to the web site is free of charge, and so are all the special features he added to the blog.